Branson Business Community Embarrassed Over City Council’s Lack of Integrity Airport Contract

Open Letter to City of Branson Board of Aldermen

In Regards to the Branson Airport Contract Payment……..

Sirs and Madams,

I have important clients in town this coming Tuesday evening and simply do not have time to once again stop everything and come down to City Hall and wait in another meeting to get up and ask you to do the honorable thing and pay the bill.  I am sending this short note asking that one of you grow a pair and make a motion to first fund the current bill and secondly make a motion to permanently have the funding of this agreement unless specifically removed by vote due to appropriation problems.  This allows the public and this airport to finally assume the city will honor the commitment it has signed and amended and re-signed.  When and if it is ever necessary to remove the funding it will then be necessary for the public to once again stop their lives to come to city hall and tell you all to do the right thing.

No other “appropriations” contingent line items are purposefully left off the budget, yet the same right s of non-appropriation exists.  This repeated negligence on your parts is an embarrassment.  The news reported every six months is misinterpreted by the public as well as our visitors.  I am ashamed of a “Family Values” community that repeatedly threatens to withhold payment in a contract they signs and later ratified.  Making the vendor on a contract publicly beg for money owed it over and over again is an abuse of power, an inexcusable political maneuver, and a despicable action.

Yes for the protection of the community a common clause regarding payment being subject to appropriations was included in this contract as well as many more contracts. However, this is the only contract you all choose to habitually threaten to use this clause on.  SHAME ON YOU!  The purpose of that clause is to protect the city from an unforeseen cataclysmic financial hardship, not to hold over the heads of the vendor who already delivered the goods.

The intent of that all too common clause in governmental contracts was to always be appropriated and funded unless it became necessary to exercise the rights of that provision and vote openly to un-appropriate the funding with cause.  Your use of it over the past few years is once again EMBARRASSING and SHAMEFUL.

One of you sitting on that board should once and for all make a motion to do the right thing.

Not Very Respectfully,


Bob Huels

Multiple Business Owner in Branson, Mo.

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