Spring Break Travel Trends 2015

Spring Break 2015 Travel Trends Infographic – Generated by Google

Google Gambles You Can Live to 500


Google gambles you can live to 500 and they’re putting money where their mouth is.

Bloomberg profiled Bio-Technologist Bill Marris today signalling wider details in Bloomberg Markets next month and the merger of machine and humans armed with nanobots for longevity of life.  Marris hopes his research will help him beat the clock:

 “We actually have the tools in the life sciences to achieve anything that you have the audacity to envision,” he says. “I just hope to live long enough not to die.”


Google Ventures has close to $2 billion in assets under management, with stakes in more than 280 startups.

Google Ventures was the fourth-most-active venture firm in the U.S. last year, participating in 87 deals.

Robert Peck, an analyst at the investment bank SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, who published a report in February examining Google’s outside investment units, including Google Ventures. “Look at what happened to BlackBerry when it missed the advent of smartphones. And Yahoo! missed Facebook.

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Branson Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2013

Commercial One Broker’s annual commercial market report projects incremental growth in Branson Commercial Property. The report analyzes inventory and market trends across residential, retail, office and industrial real estate. The industrial category is a new feature of Commercial One Broker’s annual report.

According to the report,recent  natural disasters in the Branson area  have an overall  positive affect on commercial valuation due to a decrease in inventory. On the flip side, overall demand for Branson is down. The Factory Merchants Mall is slated for demolition by the City of Branson reducing 300,00 sq ft of inventory. Retail occupancy on the strip is at a low 8.83% compared with 17.765 vacancy off strip.

The Full report is embedded below in addition to the Commerial One Broker Website:   Branson Commercial Real Estate Forecast 2013 

Branson Commercial Real Estate 2013 by Steve Critchfield

Branson Tourism Year End Report (2010 Stats Presented to Branson Officials)

Dan Lennon, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce/Convention Visitors Bureau gave a presentation to Branson’s elected officials as required by contract with the city. Lennon reported visitation has increased 3% after two years of relatively flat tourism growth. Lennon estimated 2010 visitation to the Branson area at 8 million vs 7.76 million visitors in 2009.

While efforts to engage a younger demographic are continuing; Branson’s average visitor’s age remains at 56.7 years compared to 57 in 2010. Lennon reported family vacations were at 38%, one of the highest percentages in recent history.

More Stats As Delivered by Branson’s Communications Director:

-56% of visitors came from outside a 301 mile radius – a decrease of 4% from 2009
-25% of visitors came from within a 101-300 mile radius – a decrease of 1% from 2009
-19% of visitors came from the core market, 0-100 miles, — an increase of 37% from 2009.
-Length of stay slightly decreased from 4.54 days in 2009 to 4.39 days in 2010.
-Spending per party dropped from $961 in 2009 to $892 in 2010; however, since the size of parties also decreased, spending per person and spending per person per day both increased.
-The Chamber expects a 2% growth in tourism visitation in 2011, particularly within 650
miles if the economy continues to rebound.