Visitors and residents of Branson alike might be blinded by the pure light of joy shining from Sight and Sound Theatre’s hill just off Shepherd of the Hills Expressway this Friday, February 22 at 7 p.m. ¬†Bringing to mind the verse in Revelation 21:24, “And the nations of those who are saved shall walk in its light, and the kings of the earth bring their glory and honor into it,” a couple thousand woman of all ages are planning to gather from the north, south, east and west to celebrate one person–The King of Glory.

Betsy Cribbs, one of the organizers of the annual Branson event says, “WOHOOO!!! We are getting very close to PURE JOY and we are SO EXCITED!!!”

The number of exclaimation points used are absolutely necessary to convey the excitement and energy organizers bring to this multi-denominational celebration of life in Jesus Christ. The event is free to women of all ages and offered on a first come, first served basis so Cribbs urges women to “come early if you want to be guaranteed a seat.” The first 2,000 women will be seated in the theatre. An overflow room featuring seating for an additional 245 women with a live feed to it via projector is also available.

Lobby doors will open at 5:45 and the house will open at 6:00.

This year event organizers have a full schedule of give-aways which will begin at 6:15 ¬†and continue periodically until 6:50 when the anxiously anticipated reveal of the Real Life winner will be announced. Women are encouraged to visit Pure Joy’s facebook page and post a picture depicting “real life” women in real life situations. Photos include the lumberjack photo of one woman who has steadfastly refused to shave her legs…for a very long time, to photos of mounds of laundry waiting for attention, to photos of piles of children needing maternal loving.


Pure Joy also includes dynamic worship lead by a team of singers from many different churches and will also include numbers presented by the multi-denominational Pure Joy Choir. Impactful and entertaining skits will also be presented including a special visit from The Church Lady, an annual favorite with Pure Joy women.

Perhaps one of the most moving parts of the Pure Joy celebration is the cardboard testimony and the featured testimonies where women from all walks of life share their stories of overcoming and moving into victory in Jesus Christ.

A generous and artfully done smattering of video clips keeps the pace lively and upbeat creating a positive and encouraging experience for those in attendance.

“This is probably the most anticipated event of the year for Christian women in the Branson region,” says Michelle Dean, a local volunteer who manages everything from T-shirt sales, to prop moving, to acting in skits.


To say that she is both a challenger and a cheerleader is to put Suzette Brawner in a category that is too confining for her but that’s her true gifting. Brawner, who has survived raising her own brood, including Branson’s star football-player-turned-doctor Travis Brawner, speaks frequently on issues related to mothering, daughtering, successful matrimony, and growing comfortable with the reality of herself. She is a published author who believes her biggest claim to fame is her progeny which she frequently enjoys along with her husband, Jim.

Pure Joy, in the purest sense, is a celebration of life with Jesus Christ. Women who have never met and trusted Christ as their savior will have the opportunity to do so. Others who have been discouraged in their faith will be encouraged. Women who have endured heavy trials and troubles will find their spirits envigorated and energized by attending Pure Joy, according to the organizers.




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